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Zinedine Zidane: Cristiano ronaldo at Real Madrid Is Crucial

1/5/2017 By Jessica

King's cup win against Sevilla with a result of 3-0, and zinedine zidane after the match felt very satisfied, he said what the real Madrid did was not simple. Based on the analysis of the team's victory, zidane said: "I am very satisfied, because this game is very complete, especially in the first half, we started out well, soon scored, which helped Real Madrid a lot. In the second half we maintained the same level, I am happy with the team's overall performance. I Must congratulate the players, congratulate all of us. We played a nearly perfect game, there are 45 minutes and they are very impressive." 


Real Madrid has been locking slots? Zidane said, "no, there is the second round game. This is not a league game, this is a knockout, therefore it is important to keep the situation that don't loss the ball, which means that our work has done well, but it can't promise anything. We need to play one more game, it is very difficult. Three goals to win Sevilla is not easy, we have the second round, the knockout results are still not sure."


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When mentioning the set-piece goals of the real Madrid, zidane said: "we know that real Madrid is very strong, we did not have too much peacetime training, and our team has good player whose heading ability also is every good, we added up to another set-piece goal, this is very important."


Zinedine zidane praised the James Rodríguez: "he played a good game, and he is very hard, scored two goals. He is an important player, as well as the other players. I feel very happy for his game and for the performance of Roberto Mayoral Asensio and Alvaro Morata. The backcourt player also played a good game. The players just finished their holiday, we did very well."


Cristiano ronaldo was not on the pitch when against Sevilla, the Portuguese will often have a rest? Zidane denied: "no, not really. He will play on Saturday, he will not rest, don't worry about it."


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