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Top 3 Steam Summer Sale Games 2016

7/1/2016 By Mason


No.3. Age of Empires Legacy Bundle

The Age of Empires series is amazing and while not getting a new entry in a long time has been given some HD remasters of the classics.

This bundle is damn amazing coming in at 85% off featuring Age of Empires II HD + 2 DLC packs and Age of Empires 3.

This is a RTS where you build up your city through the ages while waging war on others. Price range $10


No.2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

While it may not be a crazy deal you can grab Lara Croft's latest stunning adventure for 35% off which is a solid deal.

This continues the story of the rebooted Lara as she becomes more confident and begins to seek the truth behind her father's death.

It deals with an emotional and ever stronger Lara which was incredible.Price range $45


No.1. The Ship Remasted

The Ship is back being remastered completely on Steam Early Access and it's already great.

The game is currently 66% off and updated with new maps and levels constantly as its being rebuilt.

There are already a number of ships available and the game runs solid, the goal is to kill your target while also not being killed.

It's fun, creepy and great fun for groups of people so definitely suggest it. Price range $7 




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