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Speed’s Technology Need Using for the FIFA 17

11/1/2016 By Jessica

For the game engine that is used in the fifa games currently, the EA Sports will be ditch in the official way. from the time of 2013, all of the FIFA GAMES had ignite engines, however, the developers of the Canadian game plan moving on a better platform to experience the football simulation video games of their own. buy fifa 17 coins.

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For the ignite engine, it is not only used in the FIFA GAMES, but also become a part of all the EA Sport Games. And it is the latest technology for the sport games, and it will offer all the games fans the excellent version in a perfect way when enjoy the sport, and when you are necessary to module it into the platform you like, it can be dealt with easily. And it is realized by GameInformer, the global game reporter, from now on, most of the new games by EA will start to use the Frostbite engine. And EA has figured out a better engine that can be accurate in a better way for FIFA 17, and according to the reporter of GameInformer, EA plans to apply the previous engine that has been applied by the NFS games. Get fifa 17 PS4 coins.


Battlefield, being a creative development team, and they develop the Dice and Frostbite, and they also power a lot of games, including Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age, Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront. And for the EA company, it plans using the modified version of this kind of technology, for the reason that they insists in making their games better and better when compared with the games of the previous time.


If you want to know what games that EA have used that engine for other sports games franchise, keep in mind that will include the Madden, NBA LIVE and NHL.