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Real Madrid Banned Two Players to Take Part in Catalan Football Federation

12/27/2016 By Jessica

Recently, the Catalan Football Federation headed by Gerard lopez (barca B team manager) and sergio gonzalez, announced the squad for the friendly matches with Tunisia.Barcelona has 2 players on the list, respectively is the third goalkeeper Jordi Masip and right-back sergi roberto. However, two of the real Madrid squad players mariano and Kiko Casilla, were barred by the club. Buy FIFA Coins now to enjoy 15% OFF.


In the squad of real Madrid, there are three players from Catalan Ronnie areas, in addition to the above mariano (binhai la mia) and Iker Casillas (modern-day tarragona), there also include the No.3 goalkeeper Rubén Yáñez (Girona).This is since 1951-52 season, real Madrid team again appear three Catalan player to make effectiveness.Because of special status, every move of the Catalan’s players, will often focused with the perspective of the outside world of sports. Before this, real Madrid had allegedly banned player and accepted the interviews in Catalan and criticized by public opinion.Therefore, the Kiko Casilla had to clarify it personally, in order to calm things down.



As the Catalan Bologna, Kiko Casilla and mariano have the qualification to be the representative of regional united to play the friendly matches.Originally, the two coaches also hope that they can take these 2 people to take the matches, but real Madrid has been rejected. However, the reason had nothing to do with politics.Because according to the requirements of boss zinedine zidane, the players after a brief nap, return to practice on December 27th, but Catalan united match is scheduled on December 28. In the case of two parties schedule conflicts, players themselves will obey the arrangement of the club.


Through the communication with Barcelona, Catalonia united this time drafted two team players, respectively are the No.3 goalkeeper goalkeeper Jordi Masip and right-back sergi roberto, such as Gerard pique, Alva, busquets are not on the list.In the case of almost having no rest all year round (summer joined the euro Cup), the players need to have a good holiday.