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Pokemon GO News: The Introduction for Pokemon Go

8/18/2016 By GirleeSoup

Recently, there is a new game which is very popular all over the world. It is a really funny game and also a healthy game to lead those who like staying at home to go out. That is Pokemon GO, which is a free-to-play augmented reality mobile game. Pokemon GO is developed by Niantic and now it is only available on IOS and Android devices. It is just released for one and half month. For this funny game, you are able to capture, battle, train and trade virtual Pokemon that appear throughout the real world. It is really amazing and attract more and more people to play Pokemon GO from all over the world. Even for some country are not available for Pokemon GO, they are still waiting or use all the ways to play Pokemon GO.




  Although Pokemon GO can be purchased in-app, you still can play this game without paying any money. There is an optional wearable device which works alongside the game. That is the Pokemon GO Plus, which will be released in the future as a separate purse. The device uses Bluetooth connection to notify users when a Pokemon is nearby with an LED display and light vibration. For example, water-type Pokemon are found near water. When a player encounters a Pokemon, they may view it in either Augmented Reality mode or with a pre-rendered background Pokemon GO accounts.  




You guys need to walk around in the real world according to the avatar in the game. There will be the map which the same the location in your country. What you need to do is find the Pokemon according to the map. When you find the Pokemon, you just need to throw the Poke ball to catch them. There are Pokemon Go accounts selling in our site. If you need that, just check www.mmoxp.com.