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11/7/2016 By Jessica

As the regular season of the new season in the NBA got the starting in the end of October, the heat of the basketball is also gradually increases, while in the circle of the game, the gamers of the basketball cannot help having an experience on it and cannot wait for it, now they begin to launch new works; last week, for example, 2 k on the mobile platform and host platform launched its new book "the NBA 2 k17” for the basketball series. Check the NBA Coin Trader to get the cheap nba live mobile coins.


The EA's Mobile game of basketball in the NBA LIVE Mobile also ushered in the updated version. From the perspective of the name of the game, EA seems to have abandoned the tradition of a works for a year, and in the timing of the new season coming, EA company does not launch a new work, but with the method of updating of the game to improved and update the game that it has before. There will be many transfer window trading information of the players in every year, especially those information about the star players changing clubs are also attracting the attention of a lot of media and fans to focus on it, so in the new version of the game, the game player list, rookie list and each team's colors have been updated, in addition, the operation of the game has also been made certain adjustment and optimization.


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We have to say that in recent years for the competition in the field of the basketball game, EA has been falling into a disadvantage, and looking at 2 k company's game being so hot now, we don't know whether EA can turn. Now the new season has been updated, and anyone who has great interests on it can download the NBA LIVE MOBILE and get Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins to enjoy great experience.