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NBA Live Mobile coins

10/13/2016 By cindy

With the NBA season is about to go to war at the end of October, focus on basketball also gradually on the rise, especially the 2 k's masterpiece "NBA 2 k17 after log in PC and Mobile terminal,NBA Live Mobile coins Mobile game of basketball sports also set off a new upsurge, but the basketball game is not only the leading the NBA 2 k17, EA's" street basketball ", "the NBA Live", the name of the series is also very big, it's not, see the NBA 2 k17 preemption of basketball games, the NBA Live Mobile "finally impatient, announced in a major version update, joined the new season

. 11  

From the perspective of the name of the game, EA seems to have abandoned a year as a tradition, and in the new season comes, EA not to launch a new company, but with the method of updating of the game was improved and updated.There will be many players in every transfer window trading information, especially those star players change club is a lot of the focus of the media and fans, so the new version of the game player list, rookie list and each team's colors have been updated, in addition to the operation of the game have also been made certain adjustment and optimization.   Have to say, in recent years in the basketball game in the field of competition, EA has fallen into a disadvantageous position, looking at 2 k company's game is so hot, don't know whether EA can turn.Now the new season has been updated, push interested players can download experience.