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Madden NFL16 News: How to Take a Stand Against the NFL & Domestic Violence?

7/27/2016 By GirleeSoup

It has been about one month without any update new. Thus today we are going to talk about how to take a stand against the NFL and domestic violence? Turn on ESPN, Fox Sports, or any other nationally-broadcast sports television network, and you will notice a common theme, almost none of the paid talking heads are talking about events happening on the field. Lately, the NFL has suffered lump after lump in terms of media attention. Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez gets charged and convicted of homicide, damning footage of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice surfaces of him knocking out his then fiancé and dragging her into an elevator, and Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is suspended for allegedly beating his son MUT COINS.



There are many years without being kind to the NFL PR department, and rightfully so. Almost every step of the way, the NFL has mishandled itself in light of these situations. The latest incident involving now Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy, has drawn the ire of football fans, women’s rights advocates, and human beings with any decency.



That evening began a long and winding legal process that eventually involved a bench trial, an out of court settlement, and the charges being expunged from Hardy’s record. (You can read the full details of the evening and legal proceedings on Deadspin). The act itself was disgusting by its own merit, but to compound the issue, Hardy then found a spot on the Dallas Cowboys roster where owner Jerry Jones has since referred to him as “one of the real leaders on this team…with respect from all of his teammates.” Check http://www.mmoxp.com/madden-nfl-16.html to buy MUT Coins.