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Madden NFL16 News: How to Play Lock Down Coverage?

4/29/2016 By GirleeSoup

The Seahawks defense ranked first in the NFL in points per game allowed, anchored by its strong secondary, which had the second least yards allowed through the air of the 32 NFL teams. As expected, they are still a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of Madden 16 coins. Here are some ways you can use your secondary resilient to block their opponents. Lower 4-3 is of fundamental importance for the defense Seahawk. Although we do not focus on the front seven on this blog, you can still use the executor Defense Seattle use - Kam Chancellor. In this defense, curl the role of Kam "Buzz" on the strong side of the formation upwards. This allows us to use Kam as an ardent defender of page performance, but also in its ability to make roads outside the offensive if they are implemented.  





Pro tip: If your opponent strikes you in the corner of routes, change your flat areas with purple zones to help defend the popular tactics better. Although the Seahawks are known for their defensive zone 3 coverage, you can clear its strength in high school use a favorite game fans to use in Madden 16. This cover of People's my favorite tournament well in the municipality Madden. With the obvious advantage that the secondary organs Carolina WR, you sit in the cover of the man and let these athletes like glue stick to Ginn, Olsen, Funchess, Cotchery and Brown http://www.mmoxp.com/madden-nfl-16.html.




Pro-Tip: Spy man his right to defense (left of the screen) and Rush 3 Cam Newton outside the right edge, so you shoot and throw his body against the wing. Send a spy, if the stock market crashes and to run Cam. He is a tight shot have because of the large range of the local people. You have to help two elite security features on those annoying, "aggressive shots." With the 4-3 in cover 3, your opponent can shoot 1-on-1-side DeShawn Shead is responsible. that the most aggressive trapping to know, can be a weapon, you might want to take a place at the top of the aid. And who better than Earl Thomas? One of the safety devices rangiest the league that his side's ability Besides known center field in the top 3 to play online, you are asked even less than to do that! With this help on, you have a better chance of side to stop the balloon, and to support very robust with respect to the after execution. Do not be afraid to mix 2 in the cover.