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GW2 News: The Guidance for Pro League Matchups

6/28/2016 By GirleeSoup

1. Europe Orange Purple Logo against noise Orange Logo grabbed his second win of the season on the purple 500-343 noise in the temple of quiet storm. They continued forward to fluctuate Niflhel map forest, where they won the second game with a score 490-263. Logo Super Smash Orange will want to meet next week and go ahead in the overall standings. Violet noise is added to the 2-0 victory over the standard car accident, the end of its second game of the season. The ranking of the fifty five dragon against more guns than roses He was fifty-five Tigers all night rank because more weapons than the foiled 500-107 roses in the temple of quiet storm. More weapons that Rosas could not recover in the second map, the waiver of the series and losing 501-77. The ranking of the fifty five dragons face Vermillion in the seventh week, which will take the victory to consolidate its final appearance and the number one seed for Europe. More weapons than roses awaits the civilized men to quit, but will make some changes in order to overcome one of the best European teams. Civilized men vs Super Smash Civilized humans have shown why they should not be mixed with, Super Smash leave throughout the series almost empty. TCG claimed a 501-42 victory in the first game, and about the competition of seven parts to win week with more guns than roses 500-34 in the forest Niflhel.A, is everything is back to end the season in style and TCG way. Super Smash seeking his second victory of the season face off against orange logo GW2 Gold. 2. North America PZ-Team vs. never happiness This week was the time to shine PZ equipment and to ensure the final appearance while happiness she has never had one last chance to catch. PZ team maintained control over most of a battle back and forth in a game and never moved ahead with a 500-366 victory over lucky. Never happiness is more familiar with the Niflhel Forest card and manages a key medium through the second game to take, but the team PZ feeds by and agreed with a 500-381 victory, claiming a place in the two at the end of the season.




PZ Festival Team with Astral Authority next week will determine seeding in the final for North America. This will be his second consecutive LAN. You try never Glücksplatz to third place Ez Lemon Squeezy Pz steal. Astral Authority vs. Gems N Tonic Gems N Tonic was no match for the power of Astral Authority this week. Astral Chaith yet approached a thief a deadly composition, with indicating Toker, back. The first goal in the second game was a thriller; Gems N Tonic took the lead in the first minutes. quickly return this false hope outsiders if the experience he Astral helped with a 500-251 victory. Astral will be next week his rival of PZ team and plan the first place in North America to achieve. Gems N Tonic seeking his second win of the season when they go against eDream. Spoookie vs. eDream Unfortunately eDream were not to implement in a position for a full list, give a 2-0 victory Spoookie standard. to end party the seventh week of eDream Gems N Tonic with the lower half of the rankings and will provide final form Spoookie Guild Wars 2 Gold. Final shape vs. Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy Ez Pz final form and Lemon Squeezy brought us a series of three exciting games in the finals of the sixth week. The first game was to the last, but the final form until the time held expired and won 460-410 in the Temple of the Silent Storm. Ez Pz led early Niflhel forest to final form scratched with Svanir killed and 30 seconds on the clock. They seemed the victory but killed Ez Pz Chieftain Utahein to have secured with 10 seconds on the clock and tied the series with a 464-453 victory. The last game was tight, as the heritage of Foefire cemetery node has not taken up the game caught nearly 14 minutes. last test form at the last minute to kill Mr fell short and Ez Pz third place in the standings with a 407-251 victory in Game insured. You will never declare victory against the chance next week at the third place to stay. final form may find their hands full with a better list Gems N Tonic.