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FIFA Mobile News - FIFA Guide

9/9/2016 By jessica

It is known to the FIFA fans that the FIFA Mobile version was released by EA this year at gamescom during the FUT Live. After we guys have got the chance to see the appearance briefly on the FUT Live, we still have so many questions before knowing and experiencing the game comprehensively. In the following let’s find out more answers about what we puzzled on the game in general.


About the controls for the on-pitch action

A lot of methods from Auto Play to Gestures to Classic Controls are available.



About the Attack Mode, what is it?

It is an branded-new mode in the new version FIFA Mobile, and in the turn-based match it will help your team against other teams asynchronously. You can try your best to score the utmost goals at maximum by taking turns in each half, under the case of entirely focusing the on-pitch action on the Attacking. And as you score the goal, you can earn your fans, the more fans, the higher up ranks you can climb, or you can buy fifa coins to enjoy more.


About the Leagues

It is the social environment of the EA Company, you can build up the new league of your own with your teammates, and even can join the league that has been in existence. When you are in a league, no matter your own new league or the existed league, you can friendly play against inter-league tournaments and each other, gift the packs to each other, complete the achievements in cooperation and compete as a team to play against other leagues to won the champion eventually. You will enjoy this way as you can play with your friends and get the chance to fight with other players and at the same time you can improve your skills to be better and better in the FIFA game. Now, just visit the best fifa coins sites to get more choices and big deal.