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FIFA Mobile - Details You Need to Know

11/8/2016 By Jessica

For the FIFA Mobile, things you need to know now are included in the follows: the player transfer in the game would not have the limited price measure, and the game would not contain the CARRER MODE, and the reviews of the player ability in the FIFA MOBILE will have some difference when compared with the host version, and you need to enjoy the game with the network, and you can log in the FIFA MOBILE by using the 404 NOT FOUND, but the market will not require logging in to have the transfer trade, and there are a lot of platforms for you to communicate with other players, even your friend and you are not belonging to the same mobile camp, you can also communicate with him. And in the FIFA MOBILE, there will not appear the contact, train body strength and other related items, and the action system of the game is mainly effected on the daily challenge, and there is not FUT Drafe mode in the fifa mobile. Check FIFA COINS for FIFA 17 experience.


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In addition, because the FIFA MOBILE has been redesigned in this year, so the adjusted support of the game for different mobiles is very good, as there are no CARTOON phenomenon in the mobile phones such as Galaxy S3, ipone 4 and others when operating. And the beginning downloading volume will not exceed 100 MB, but there will have the updating content when you have downloaded it, with the total volume between 200mb to 300mb.


And about the player ratings, will it the same as that of on the CONSOLE? The answer is no, as even though they seam to be very similar and on the basis of the same authentic data which are provided by the experts of EA COMPANY, the player ratings are a little different, because the FIFA MOBILE uses the different formulas in their calculation. Buy fifa 17 coins now!