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FIFA 17 TOTW 6 Player: Recommendation on Xherdan Shaqiri

11/18/2016 By Jessica

Time to forecast the FIFA 1 TOTW 6. For so many game clubs that have to perform so many games in the Champion League and the Local League, it will be a hectic week. However, you will not see the Champion League games in the TOTW, even if some famous players produce the standout shows, what a pity, during that time, you cannot see the 94 IF Messi. Check out where to buy fast fifa coins.


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For the reason that we recommend investing on Xherdan Shaqiri are as follows:

Firstly, Shaqiri followed the winger and won both of the stokes objectives, which is a useful item in terms of attacting TOTW, and he is an excellent choice for the game in the Premier League; for the second reason, Xherdan Shaqiri does very well on the facets including SHO, RM, PAC and the PAS; and he is a professional player who has the Talent Transfer of four star, and the week foot of four star, and also the balance of 94. However, the bad thing is that he is just only 169 mm in height, and there is nothing he can do within the header with this level, so, you need to apply the excellent player in header if you are to build a team with Xherdan Shaqiri, and just take Benteke into consideration for your group header. And the third reason is that in the platform such as XBOX ONE, his price is 10K, and at least 8.5k in PS4, we can see that it is a costly investment, and if you notice it carefully, you can see that the price of Xherdan Shaqiri increased from 7840/9767 coins to 8500/10125 coins.

According to what we have analysis above, now you will not invest on Xherdan Shaqiri, right? Just go for it. Or you can check fifa 17 PS4 coins to buy more coins at the lowest price online.