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FIFA 17, the No.1 Plan for EA Sports

7/29/2016 By Carni Cooper

EA's Chief Competitive Officer Peter Moore spoke to Gamereactor at Gamelab in Barcelona after his esports-focused speech "Making Every Player a Star". Both his full panel and the complete interview on topics such as passion, the company's competitive approach and infrastructure, Battlefield, and competition from outside the publisher, will be available on the site this week, but first we wanted to share highlights from a couple of answers on how FIFA and its new entry, FIFA 17, are adopting the whole competitive angle.


First of all, how does all the esports scene impact game development? Are we heading to a platform-based service, without the traditional yearly release? According to Moore, "I think people still feel that they love an annual FIFA, they love an annual Madden". And the reason is "there's always been a desire for sport gamers to have a new game that coincides with the new season".


But the CCO thinks the key is elsewhere when trying to keep players engaged, just like with real sports:


"What is different though has been how we kept those games alive", explains Moore. "Six, seven years ago you got FIFA, and we would update it a little bit... but there wasn't a day to day - like we have now - reflection of what's going on in the world of real football. We have a very large team in Vancouver [Canada] that all they do is look at what we need to do to deliver everything that's going on in real football in the world of FIFA, every day: team of the week, team of the season, Messi announces he no longer wants to play internationally for Argentina - that needs to be reflected".


Thus, Moore sees EA keeping the annual release, but adopting a more active approach on daily content.


"When we look at that, games are turning very much into live services", as the veteran executive continues, joking: "Sport games in particular, because whilst you have a Battlefield, yeah not much happening in World War 1 right now, because it happened. You have FIFA or Madden - a ton of stuff goes on every single day, and it's our job and our goal to deliver that to the players and make everything feel fresh"



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