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Experiencing the real feeling of NBA - NBA LIVE officially launched

11/10/2016 By Jessica

Welcoming the opening of the new basketball season of the NBA 2016-2017, the EA company’s classic basketball game NBA Live SERIES return back with strong power in the mobile platform, and it has launched the first NBA LIVE Mobile game in Taiwan on 1,October, which made the basketball lovers can appreciate the NBA game at the same time, can also establish its quad to fight the competitors perfectly. NBA LIVE Mobile from that day can be downloaded freely on App Store and Google Play, and the cover star was responsible by the famous one - Russell Westbrook, who has won the champions of the third matches from the beginning of the game opening. Check NBA Live coins to get cheap coins online.


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NBA LIVE Mobile can let the game players completely control the management of the basketball team to make the top team members, and they in the game 5-5 can conquer the rival, and in 365 days all year round online events can dynamically grasp the NBA news, and also can enjoy a full year service content updates, through the daily online activities to earn rewards. Players will be able to act as team manager to manage the team, upgrade squad, apply strategies to fight his opponent by adjusting its team smartly, according to the news to send the strongest squad, further enhance the level of the game. Whether to use retired classic star or current NBA superstar, players can enjoy all the favorite players, to build into a star-studded epic team.


Cheapest NBA Live Mobile Coins For Sale.Game offers a variety of different style gameplays, including live event drills and all kinds of game situation, and you can enjoy yourself in the online events. And the players can choose single season mode and in the mode can also use confrontation with friends or global players to compete. Through taking part in competition or daily new challenges, you can earn gold COINS and other incentives, to create your own dream team, towards a path of basketball master.