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Why choose MMOXP.COM?

1 Safe

MMOXP is a trusted shop to buy EVE Online ISK, which earn the eBay top rated seller in Germany for years.
We get stable EVE Online ISK supplies from our reliable manual farming gold studios. Buy EVE Online ISK from us to protect your EVE Online account from being banned.

2 Low price

mmoxp draw attention to the market price daily and set reasonable price accordingly and no rip-off. At the same time, we promise to make delivery fast and won’t keep you waiting for long time.

3 Quality service

mmoxp offer high quality English live support to answer our customer's questions and concerns. Our experienced customer services will solve all the problems you suffer in buying EVE Online ISK here and finally lead you to a pleasant shopping experience.

4 Refund Guarantee

During EVE Online ISK purchase, if we are not able to fulfill the order in time or you no longer want it, a refund will be issued asap.

How to Find Safe EVE Online ISK?

EVE Online become more and more popular in the gaming field due to its individual graphics and thrilled gameplay. ISK is the currency in EVE Online and with ISK you are able to buy better gears, skills and ships etc. Players can farm EVE ISK by mining or manufacturing ships. To pass through those boring farming, you are suggested to buy some cheap and safe EVE ISK online so that you can start to experience the fascinate gameplay.

@ MMOXP.COM you can find safe EVE ISK with reasonable price. We updated the price everyday according to the market trend to make sure players can get the most worthy EVE ISK.

As ISK trades are seriously monitored in game by GM, our traders will prepare some items that worth the ISK you order and locate a star and drop the items then you could pick them up and sell them to NPC vendors to earn the ISK soon. We can guarantee the ISK you get WON’T be taken back by GM and there is NO RISK of being banned.

Note: We will NEVER ask the items or money back. If there is any question, please contact the live chat.

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I was worried about being scammed or key loggers but they came thru, 100% LEGIT.

From Adonis R   07-24-2015


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