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News > What the Primary FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Goa...

What the Primary FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Goalkeepers' Ratings Mean

FIFA 14, the recent-released title of EA Sports' popular football video game series and it's hyping to be honored as the "Best Sports Game". Claimed to be ever the best football simulator, numerous gaming lovers, even those who pay less attention to sports games are curious about the latest iteration and get themselves involved into it. Well, newbies are commonly confused by variant FIFA 14 players' primary ratings while it's the foremost and primary step to compose a starting squad in the game. Now let's figure out what the essential FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players' ratings mean.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, play items are divided into two major categories: outfield players and goalkeepers. Goalkeepers and outfield players have their own overall ratings along with six crucial attribute ratings for both specific player, but outfield players would get more detail stat ratings categorized into skills (16 stats), physical (8 stats) abilities and mental abilities (4 stats). It is extremely vital to build a powerhouse to find players with high ratings and specific to the style of football that are positioned at the very point and that you like to play.

Diving - The Diving attribute refers to a goalkeeper's capability of diving across and saving the shots. The further the goalkeeper can dive across the net and keeps a goal from away being scored, the better the goalkeeper will be.

Handling - The Handling attribute refers to how well a goalkeeper is able to control the ball with his hands. A goalkeeper with outstanding handling abilities absolutely can effectively prevent rebounds from shots and accurate throwing to teammates. 

Kicking - The Kicking attribute refers to a goalkeeper's ability on goal kicks. A goalkeeper who is able to kick far as well as accurately not only will put less pressure on you defenders but also will create opportunities for your attackers to score.

Reflexes - The Reflexes attribute refers to how soon a goalkeeper will react to the shots on goal. Goalkeepers with superior reflexes normally are capable of making some incredible point-blank saves. 

- The Speed attribute refers to how fast a goalkeeper will rush out intercepting potential one-on-one situations.

Positioning - The Positioning attribute refers to if a goalkeeper is able to position his body at the very point while anticipating a shot. Just imagine how a goalkeeper can stop a goal if he can't even place him properly.

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